Diving after Hurricane Ian

Underwater Navigation Course

Now that we have made it through the cleanup efforts from Hurricane Ian, we are getting out diving more and surveying the damage on the reefs on the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately Mother Nature is resilient and has bounced back in many of the areas we have been diving. There is still a lot of areas we have not been out to yet but for the majority of the sites we have visited, things are doing pretty good. Visibility can always be an issue closer to shore but most of the dives out in the 40 foot range and deeper have been good to excellent. Nearshore has been spotty but that has always been the case in the Gulf. If we time it right on the high tide and don’t have lots of wind days prior, visibility tends to be good enough for everyone to have a good time and see plenty of life. The greatest thing about diving the Gulf is one, we don’t have to spend all day driving to the other coast, and two, there is tons of life in the Gulf of Mexico. Feel free to call for updates or to join a trip with us.


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